Hey, I’m Jaydeep. Currently working as Project Manager at EterPride Pvt. Ltd. After working for more than three and half years, I have gained a wealth of experience in multiple fields. I have excellent communication and organization skills essential in managing successful projects. I can work well under pressure and tight deadlines and have a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget. I am also a skilled negotiator and have successfully negotiated contracts with high-paying clients. In addition to my project management experience, I have a strong marketing background and have delivered successful marketing campaigns for various products and services. I am highly motivated, always looking for new challenges, and confident that I can contribute positively to any organization.

  • Age:25
  • Residence:India
  • Address:Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Email:hello@jaydeepmayani.com
  • Phone:+91 70468 99605

What I Do

WordPress Web Development

Specialties in E-Commerce Website Development

Shopify Web Development

Theme Based Work

Webflow Web Development

Can develop smooth animations for which the CMS is known.

Digital Marketing

Facebook/Instagram Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing

Ecommerce Consulting

Can guide you into your E-commerce business to take it from Zero to Hero


Deliver Straight to the point attractive content which can make users go with it.

Software/Product Promotion (Business Development)

Skills to develop different strategies to develop/promote business/product

Google Data Studio

Can create minimal, easy & straight to point reports for a better understanding of clients.

Design Analysis (GUI Improvement)

I can sense the design and I can make it user fetchable

Web Design

Learned from my own experience with web design skills, having deep knowledge of what kind of design will attract a particular user segment.

Mobile App Testing

All in one Quality testing includes technical testing, GUI Analysis, & Overall User experience to make the App user-friendly.

Find Loopholes

Able to find loopholes in the existing system by having the analysis of the whole system/workflow

Graphic Design

Able to create needful designs using Canva


Experienced skill in managing the corporate office

Product Design

Have knowledge of SIEMENS NX 9.0 above enough.




$64 per month
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$128 per month
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Fun Facts

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